Friday, November 28, 2008

My Grand Opening

As much as I'm against unnecessary consumption, and the not shopping on Black Friday theory (Buy Nothing Day), I really do want the economic situation to improve for our country. And now that I am a seller, I want people to shop. I believe that selling on etsy is a step in the right direction toward keeping the circle of previously consumed resources going to good use rather than to the waste stream. I have always been a believer in finding a new purpose for anything that has already had some use, rather than trashing it, and this has led me to keep an awful lot of things that most would have tossed soon after receiving. This includes clothing, magazines, and various and sundry other items that I would now like to share with the world since I can only re-purpose so much by myself. I am thus officially announcing the opening of my online salon, Re:finery Designs. I am located in the fantastic community marketplace known as, and I am inspired and awed constantly by the talents and resourcefulness of my fellow participants. There, I will bring for your shopping pleasure, a portion of the accumulation my lifelong hunting and gathering instincts have amassed. I am so happy that there are so many others who share my love of pre-owned objects, saving our precious resources and an interest in a time and place that we can revisit only in memory.

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  1. Great To Hear you're up!! Can you include a link to your store in your post?