Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New York Minute

My friends and I discovered The Kills at our first visit to the CMJ Music Festival in New York City. First night, first show, first band. We were drawn to that particular show because The Von Bondies were on the bill, and I had already fallen for them earlier that year at the Sirenfest. It was Halloween and the beginning of our three day stay in the city, and three nights of new music experiences. We were full of enthusiasm and ready to engage in the business of “rockin” as Jack Black would say. Not much could surpass what we were about to see.
We stood fairly close to the front, about twenty feet from the stage and began to watch this band that consisted of only two members, both on guitars. After a few songs we looked at each other with a collective gasp, as if we had just seen something we weren’t suppose to see, some forbidden pleasure, something that would take place behind closed doors, not up on a stage in front of an audience. The intensity of their interaction was off the chart and stronger than almost any I had ever seen before. They were a revelation, and played as if they didn’t even know we were there, staring at each other and pounding out the chords. Suffice it to say, we bought the cd, and the t-shirt.
March 21, 2009

I wrote this in response to the call from WRXP to describe a musical experience that you have had in New York City, but I can't seem to register to "The Rock Republic."
This is one of many.

Represent BGP, you were there. And remind me, how many years ago this was, and why does it take so long for the rest of the world to catch up?

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