Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Back of Love

In reference to my last post, I did attempt to meet people with similar interests earlier this year. I joined The Indie Britpop Meetup group on I haven't met anyone there yet, but I am happy to say they are keeping the ball rolling with lots of events that would be great fun. Most are concerts and clubbing in NYC, so when I am inclined to be up that way, I hope to be checking the "Attend" button.
I missed what was probably my most-want-to-see show of the year last night, Echo and the Bunnymen at Radio City Music Hall. I can't even express my disappointment in myself for not going. No words. But when I did see E & TB at the Fenix in Seattle in October 1999, it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Not only because it was Seattle, and not only because they're one of my favorite bands. They were so "on" something, the buzz spread through the club along with their glorious music and lights. Here's to next time.
Seven seas
Swimming them so well
Glad to see
My face among them
Kissing the tortoise shell
(excerpted from "Seven Seas")

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  1. I bet they were so "on" something!! Ahhh, "E" in the nineties. It was a beautiful thing!! next time... Frickin' GO!